This is Tara

This is Tara. Tara is a goddess worshipped by many people worldwide every day. 

Story has it that Tara came into existence from a tear of a being hungry for enlightenment called ‘Avalokitesvara’. This tear fell on the ground and turned into a lake. Out of this lake appeared a lotus, which revealed the beautifully pure and compassionate goddess Tara. 

‘Tar’ is Sanskrit for ‘protection’. Tara offers protection to those who travel the earth, as well as those who are on the path to enlightenment.

In Tibet it is believed that Tara is incarnate in every God-intoxicated woman.

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  1. Beantwoorden

    Heel vet Anke! Knap en inspirerend werk. Groet, Sheema

      • Anke Hans
      • september 19, 2019

      Dank je wel Sheema! Leuk dat je even langs bent gekomen :)

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