This is Hannah Arendt

You may think you are born only once, right after your mother spits you out of her vagina. But political philosoper Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) argues otherwise. She says your natural birth is only your first and it merely defines your *what*: whether you are male or female, Afro-American or white, tall or small, heavy or lightweight. But that ain’t nothin’ yet. Because somewhere in the first twenty years of your lifetime you learn a lesson, gain a new insight and take a new stand. Over against others. This is what Hannah Arendt calls a birth too. Not a natural birth, but a symbolic birth. A birth in which you carry out your personality. Into society. This second birth defines your *who*. And the lovely thing anout this second birth is that, unlike your first, it can happen every single day of your remaining years. And this is what makes you as a human being unique. You have the capacity to always start anew.

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