This is Ganesha

This is Ganesha. As an impulsive character making things right doesn’t come easy for me. It shows itself most clearly in my tendency to create outrageous money goals and refusing to give myself financial clarity. Call me superstitious, but I feel that the entrance of a little Ganesha in my home has made a difference over the last year. Say what? Ganesha is the elephant headed Hindu God of wealth and success, particularly skilled at removing obstacles. Hindus pray to Ganesha when they move or start a new job, for example. How Ganesha helps me out? Well, first of all, whenever I don’t want to look at the statue or notice that that makes me nervous, I know there’s business I’m avoiding to handle. Like calculating this month’s expenses and sending an email to somebody who I owe money, as was the case today. To prepare for taking these actions, I gave the Ganesha that I drew last October some color.

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