This is Anke

I hadn’t been in hypnotherapy yet
Went there for the first time
She told me to clear up
Which wasn’t mine

“Also fill your heart
With you in your brightest form
Link it to a melody
Add a motto
Make it feel warm”

Surprised I was
To see appear
Columns of light and different colours too
The sound of DJ Drez’ Nectar Drop
And There is Only Wealth, no me and no you

She told me my radiance would grow stronger and stronger
And when I came home I drew
The whole thing
Including the motto
Which I had always known to be true.


Would you like to have your portrait drawn
And the story behind it poetized?
In this October month I can do this for you
Pretty well priced

For a mere €497
Your A4 portrait + poem are yours to receive
Just send me a Facebook PM before Sunday the 6th
Can you feel the relief?

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