You’re doing fine.
You have enough money to survive.
You’re working to keep your life rolling as it does now.
It’s alright.
It’s not bad.

But on a deeper level, you feel stuck.
You intuit that this isn’t all there is to it.
And if, sometimes, you dare to allow it, there are things you desire to do that you cannot do now.
Investing in your spiritual growth, for example.
To travel more freely.

But right before you allow the desire, you push it back.
You see, effortlessness isn’t meant for women like you.
Neither is elegance, freedom.
You’re too ordinary for wealth.

Wealth is for other women.
Women who are smarter than you.
Women who have studied at uni.
Women who are younger than you.
Women who are older than you.
Women who are slimmer than you.
Women who are more secure about their skills and talents than you.
Women who are more tech savvy than you.
Wealth is for women who have some mysterious, spiritual connection to Source.
Women who, through this connection, are capable of self expression and participation.
Wealth is for them.
And you’re not them.

Well, my dearest, you have come to the right place at the right time.

Because let me tell you this:

You ARE these women, and these women ARE you.

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